‘De Nederlandse tafel’


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Learn Dutch in Breda.

Language takes you further! 


Why do you want to learn Dutch? Do you have a Dutch partner or do you need an understanding of Dutch for your work? Or do you live abroad and have Dutch family? It could also be that you would like to improve your knowledge of the Dutch language or you would like to learn a new language.

Since everyone has a specific reason, a different purpose, and has their own pace of learning, check out Taal Ja!

Taal Ja! is Dutch language tailored exactly to your needs. Taal Ja! is your partner – together we will determine your goals and how your work will progress.


Why choose Taal Ja!?

  • Taal Ja!, for beginners to the State exam NT2,
  • Taal Ja!, you control how many hours or lessons you receive each week,
  • Taal Ja!, you can choose between private lessons and lessons in a small group,
  • Taal Ja!, because a good knowledge of Dutch language enhances your world and helps you make social contacts.


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