About me

Taal Ja! - offers personal tuition and years of experience

My name is Ine Valentin, trainer and founder of Taal Ja! 

After my studies of French and Dutch, I gained work experience at various schools and companies. Because of my husband’s work I lived several years abroad, in countries such as South Korea and Germany.

In that period I rediscovered the importance of language. I found that when living and working in a country whose language you don’t speak, it becomes much more interesting if you are exploring that language. Every day you will encounter situations in which it is a big advantage if you speak and understand the language. It expands your world and it becomes easier to make social contacts. 

Taal Ja! provides more than just knowledge of the Dutch language. I bring years of international experience in different areas, which helps me to have a better understanding of your situation and your needs. Being a Dutch native, I can facilitate finding your ways around in Dutch society at the same time.

So Taal Ja! offers tailored programs at all levels and works at individual basis. It means you can determine the pace yourself. All Dutch courses focus not only on grammar but also on training communication skills. Your confidence and performance in Dutch will improve by practice in a comfortable environment. For that reason the lessons take place in the convenient environment of your office or the comfort of your own home.

For more information, including availability and prices, please contact me on +31 (0)6 3853 1691 or via the contact form.